Herself/Himself, 2021

Screen print on acrylic glass
each; 46*76 cm

“Herself/Himself” is a self-portrait project that consists of two stencil rulers which are made with the cross-sections of the artists’ bodies from top to the bottom, and it is about the experience of isolation during the pandemic.

As we are in constant communication with our surroundings, the experience of very limited interaction with others– both visual and tactile, didn’t just create a distance to the other things but as well as to the self. With limited interaction, most of the definitions of the self that are created by the relations with the surroundings got lost. Paradoxically, this happened at a time when we were by ourselves more than ever.

“Herself/Himself” is an outcome of this paradoxical situation. It attempts to reposition one’s self in new circumstances and underlines the isolation by materializing the body. This repositioning creates a space to contemplate whether the new circumstances provide a closer look or further distancing of understanding ourselves.

photos 1,15,16,17: Nazlı Erdemirel