Untitled, 2004
drawing, each; 21 × 29,7 cm
Artist Book; 56 pages
, 30,3 × 21,7 × 1,5 cm

In the conception of his works, Mustafa Kunt also calls pictures into question, focusing on everyday habits of perception, often working with the appropriation or distortion of mass-media depictions.
The point of departure for his works “Untitled (Dial M for Murder)” (2005), and “Untitled” (2004) are feature films, namely, movies directed by Alfred Hitchcock – icons of West European filmic art
which Mustafa Kunt circumscribes. The artist makes himself the
protagonist by weaving his person and autobiographical elements of his life into the plot of the original. In doing so, he transforms film
history into his own history, writes himself, as it were, into European cultural history and claims a place in it. At the same time, these works allude to the idea that the construction of fantasy worlds, dreaming, and playing with fiction and reality are a significant part of identity

Barbara Heinrich, Turkish Delight, Exhibition Catalogue, 2007

Installation view; Städtische Galerie Nordhorn
photo: Helmut Claus, Köln