Balkon, 2008

multimedia installation
copper, brass, wood, pebble, iron 570x503x230 cm;

digital video, 15’26’’

The work brings together two speech balconies in two different countries from two different eras. A one-to-one replication of the speech balcony at the facade of the building of Faculty of Language and History of Ankara University is shown together with the video of the speech balcony in the Museum für Moderne Kunst, Frankfurt. While the speech balcony of the university building is located on the exterior and faces to the area where ceremonies takes place, the museums’ balcony is located in the interior and faces the big hall where opening speeches are made. Although both of the balconies have never been used except in the opening ceremonies of the buildings, the meaning they imply and the possibility of being used remain.

Installation view: Museum für Moderne Kunst-Zollamt
Images 1,23,7,8,9: Axel Schneider