BTO-28, CBT-65, BTO-22, 2013

multimedia installation
razor wire, wood, fine art print on photo carton, headphones, sound

each 60x65x140 cm music pieces;
BTO-28; 00:34 sec, CBT-65; 01:27’ BTO-22; 00:28’

Concertina (Dannert wire) wire was first manufactured by Germany during World War I. Different than barbed wire its purpose is to prevent human passage. It targets the human body directly. Since its invention, it has been used for prisons, mental hospitals, military purposes and high security facilities. Nowadays, it is starting to be used more and more for residential security. The work comprises of three music boxes, each consisting of a type of a razor wire, a music piece and musical notes. The title of each piece shows the type of razor wire that is used in this piece. While creating the music pieces, the artists firstly recorded their own sound: “Ouch.” Then, the sound clip of this recording is used to make a drawing of the shape of the module of the razor wire in a sound program. Afterwards, these drawings are translated to strings to create suspenseful music pieces like those in horror movies.

Installation view, TANAS, Berlin
photos 1,2: Uwe Walter