The Picture Before the Picture

The Picture Before the Picture, 2019

wall painting, dimensions variable

The starting point of the wall piece “The Picture Before the Picture” (2019) is the playful surface of the digital: Colour surfaces reminiscent of screens or artistic colour studies. Behind this, as is often the case in the duo’s work, lies a threatening fact. These are abstract color images that appear as placeholders when searching for images on the Internet before the final image is loaded from the computer. Previously, Günyol & Kunt entered the word “Google” into the search mask and added another word suggested by the program. This resulted in the combination “Google+Facebook+Twitter+News+Election+Voters+Targeted+Ads+Fake News” and the abstract representation in color fields. “The Picture Before the Picture” refers to the current discussion about the inadmissible influence of fake news on elections on the Internet. At the same time, the work refers to the attractive component of digital surfaces whose strategic intentions often remain hidden and cannot be read as such by the recipient. Mathilda Legemah

Installation view; Kunstfenster im BDI
photos 2,3,4,5,6: Alexander Grennigloh