Fresh Like the First Day, 2011

53 books each with 48 pages 20×30 cm

The Constitution of Republic of Turkey dated 1982, made by the military junta after the military coup in 12 September 1980 is at the focus of this work. On 12 September 2010, thirty years after the military coup, a referendum on a number of changes to the 1982 Constitution was held in Turkey. The result was YES to the changes with 58% in favor and 42% against. For this work each letter, number and punctuation mark that makes up the Constitution has been separated from each other without changing their positions in the text and then translated into 53 books. In this way, the Constitution is decreased to the basic elements of writing. The work references elementary school years, when we first met with letters, numbers and punctuation marks and opens the Constitution to possible fictional scenarios.

Installation view; Between Bridges, Berlin
photos: Between Bridges, 2018