That which remains…, 2017

salt water paintings
seawater (crystallized salt) on Arches aquarelle grain satiné 300 g/m2, 16 pieces, each 56×76 cm with wooden frame

Words from the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights such as OPINION, PRIVACY, THOUGHT, CHOICE, EXISTENCE, LIFE, LIBERTY, EQUALITY, SECURITY, PROTECTION or MOVEMENT are picked and rewritten with seawater from the Aegean Sea. The seawater used in the work is from Dikili and Çeşme in Turkey, Lesbos and Chios islands in Greece. Dikili is the town where migrants were brought back from Greece to Turkey under the European Union deal with Turkey, which came into effect in March 2016.

Installation view; Deutscher Künstlerbund e.V., Berlin
photos 1-6: Jens Ziehe, Berlin
7,8: Günyol&Kunt