The Distance (Kuşadası-Samos), 2017

fine art print on Hahnemühle photo rag ultra smooth 305 gr/m²
102.2×102.2 cm

A square, blue-colored piece of paper made of 922 vertical and 922 horizontal lines, each 92.2 cm long. The total length of the lines demonstrates the closest distance between Kuşadası (Turkey) and Samos Island (Greece). In the work, the paper has a grid spacing of 1 mm intervals, like those commonly used in graph papers. Therefore, although the lines that create the work demonstrates a specific distance, it also appears as an empty piece of paper awaiting to be filled before the viewers. The title “the distance” also emphasizes the distance of the artists’ reality to the reality of the “situation” itself, that is, the freedom of travel through the migration routes without having any troubles. That is to say, the distance, even the same distance, is not the same distance when it comes to going through it.

photos 1,2: Işık Kaya